Quesadillas are somewhere in between a tex-mex sandwich and pizza.  They are easy, versatile, almost everyone likes them, and perfect for the busy family and over-scheduled entrepreneur.

The key to making this a quick and easy dinner is to prepare and plan ahead.  Another “nice to have” is a quesadilla maker.  Funny thing is that I’m not big into extra equipment that takes up space, but received one as a gift and now I love the way it speeds up the process in making quesadillas.

Step 1: Plan the ingredients ahead of time.

By planning your meals once a week you can plan to make Chicken or Steak on Monday and then making enough to have leftovers saved later in the week to make your quesadillas on another day.  Personally, I like to grill my chicken or steak and then slice it up nice and thin.  Make sure you have any other ingredients you may want in your quesadilla and remember to have your favorite cheese and flour tortillas in stock!  (other ingredients could include: re-fried beans, sour cream,  variety of cheeses, salsa, olives, onions, and tomatoes)

Step 2: Organize ingredients to your family’s palate

Not sure about your house, but we all have different opinions on what ingredients make the best quesadilla.  Mom likes lots of veggies, dad likes lots of meat, my tween likes it simple with just chicken and cheese and my teenager… well, he packs it up with the “works” because he’s always hungry. Sound familiar in your busy household?

Step 3: Family who cooks together, stays together

Put all the ingredients on the counter, warm up the quesadilla maker (or a hot skillet works just as well,) and let everyone make their own.  Put a flour tortilla down on the quesadilla maker, add your best ingredients and don’t forget the cheese.  Place another with another flour tortilla on the top and close the lid until it’s hot, melted and ready.  (Be sure to lightly oil your skillet, if that is what you are using)

Step 4: Eat and Enjoy!

Now is the time to silence the phones, turn off the TV, sleep the computer and set the table.  Family time is important for busy entrepreneurs and working parents.  In fact, IBM conducted a study of 1,500 employees and found that the employees who made it home for dinner with their family felt better about their jobs and about their families.

So something positive for your career and your business…. make it home in time for dinner!

Betty Hakes is a working mom and entrepreneur. Her passion is to bring families back around the dinner table and to help business succeed locally and in the online space.