here’s no better time to start an exercise program than now. The days are getting cooler but there is still plenty of light to keep you energized and alert. Here are 7 of the best articles we’ve posted on exercise and being active to give you some motivation to get started today.

How to Walk Yourself Happy

We were meant to move and experience the world at a stroll. When that opportunity is denied us our minds rebel . We feel stuck and suddenly anxious. When my children were babies, we wore circles into the carpets walking them around and around until they were finally soothed by the same rhythm they’d learned in the womb.

3 Ways to Look and Feel Better Now

Looking and feeling good is an important part of enjoying life. We don’t all have to look like movie stars, but we can take care good care of ourselves and live up to our full potential. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Live yours well by getting enough rest, drinking lots of water, and taking time out for enjoyable recreation every day.

9 Ways to Get Batman’s Body by the End of the Year

Getting Batman’s body is not for the faint of heart, but it certainly is an admirable goal. Besides, if you have to go out in tights and a cape, why not do it with some bad boy style.

Warning: Are You Training Your Child to be Fat?

When you send children the message that physical activity is something that must be organized, involve special equipment, or require a trip to the gym, then you are teaching them to segment their lives in a way that can be detrimental to their future health.

6 Tips to get Your Next Fitness Routine Started Off on the Right Foot

Sometimes, simply starting a new routine is the best thing you can possibly do. Soon enough, your routines will become habit and your habit will lead to a dramatic improvement in your overall lifestyle.

The best way to turn your routine into a habit isn’t just to start, it’s to start off right.

How to (Seriously) Have Fun While Exercising

Many people cite the main reason for not sticking to an exercise regime as boredom. Going to the gym no longer holds the appeal and excitement that it did early on, and repeating the same sets of exercises day after day becomes a chore.

So how do you spice up your exercise commitment? By learning to (seriously) have fun while exercising!

Your Top 3 Excuses for not Exercising Destroyed

You’ll totally start exercising…tomorrow. Or maybe next week. When the weather cools down. When it gets warmer. When you can afford a gym. Someday. Sound familiar? Almost all of us know how important exercise is and the ways that it can help virtually any problem yet we come up with reason after reason to put it off.

So what are you waiting for? Make this weekend the first weekend of a more active lifestyle!