It seems so easy to eat right and exercise in the summer. After all, who wants heavy, fatty foots when it’s so hot outside and who wouldn’t want to be enjoying the sunshine and fresh air? Come Autumn though many of us start to slack and rich, comfort foods call our names. If you want to stay motivated to eat healthy, wholesome foods read these articles.

  1. Gross, No Wonder We’re So Fat This article breaks it down: we eat too much, we don’t move enough and we blame our fat on everything else.
  2. 10 Foods You Thought Were Okay but Really Aren’t It’s not enough to be motivated to lose weight, you also have to take the initiative and read the labels yourself to find out the truth about what you are eating.
  3. 10 Ways to Stop Craving Chocolate Even if chocolate isn’t your weakness you can apply these tips to help you cope with any sort of food craving.
  4. Stop Being Bored With Your Diet! Any of the 7 Things Will Help You Eat Happier and Healthier Don’t get in an eating rut, try these tips to add a healthy variety to your diet.
  5. 10 Foods that Will Help You Live to Be 100 While there are no miracle foods, these healthy choices stand out from the crowd.
  6. 10 Lies the Food Industry Wants You to Believe Don’t believe everything you see written on a package or hear in an ad. The food industry has its own interests; it’s up to you to protect yours.
  7. Staying Hydrated: 5 Facts You Need to Know It might not seem like it, but water is one of the most important nutrients we take in.
  8. Meal Planning, the Key to Healthy, Tasty, Inexpensive Eating It’s easy to resort to fast food or convenience foods if you don’t have a plan for good eating. Make it easier on yourself to eat healthy and plan ahead (plus it’s easier on your wallet, too!)
  9. These 5 Things Will Help You Eat Less Meat and Love Every Meal Cutting down on meat is a good way to limit the amount of saturated fat in your diet and leaves you more room for healthy fruits and vegetables. This article offers tips on how to break the meat habit.
  10. 11 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn’t Want You To Know Be a more informed consumer and be empowered to make healthier choices with the tips in this article.

Good luck and remember you can eat healthy and exercise all year long!