OneACT will be a community-driven charity, sponsored by HealthCompare, where people in distress can receive the help they need. We look forward of moving the idea of “paying it forward” online, to an environment where readers are encouraged to post their needs while responding to the needs of others. We are asking for your involvement. Help direct One Act. Tell us your ideas. Be a part of the One Act community

How it Works

The OneAct charity will consist of a weekly donation to three needy families. This initial gift is intended to inspire an ever-increasing generosity in others, setting the stage for other people to “Give, Send or Receive.”

  • Give: By giving a donation, the initial act will multiply, kindness will spread and the world will improve, one changed life at a time.
  • Send: Not everyone can make a monetary donation, yet that doesn’t mean what he or she has to give won’t be valuable. People will be able to send their support via digital cards available on the OneACT tab at the HealthCompare fan page.
  • Receive: Noble or needy, you never know where your life may tumble. The recipients of charity can help to generate the generous inside us all.


One act of kindness, no matter how small, truly can change the world. Whether you give, send or receive, soon you can be a part of the multiplicity.

Visit the OneACT Facebook Fan Page.