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When babies have any strange signs, parents should pay close attention, which could be a sign that the child’s body is having problems. One of the common phenomena is that newborns vomit after breastfeeding. Very worried parents do not know what is the cause of this situation? Let’s find out the causes and solutions immediately!

What causes babies to vomit after breastfeeding?

It can be said that newborn vomiting after breastfeeding is a common phenomenon. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Parents should not be subjective, but monitor the baby’s expression to find the exact cause.

When learning about the phenomenon of newborn vomiting after breastfeeding. People often divided into two main causes, which can be normal physiological phenomena or signals that your baby is suffering from a certain medical condition.

Newborn Vomiting after Breastfeeding

The phenomenon of children vomiting after breastfeeding due to mistakes in eating and caring of parents

In fact, many babies experience vomiting after breast feeding due to inadequate care and diet.

When babies feed too much milk, suck too much or force feed, the digestive system is weak, so it doesn’t work properly. The amount of undigested milk makes the baby full stomach and vomiting occurs.

If after feeding, babies suck in the wrong position, feeding themselves in the wrong way leading to the situation that swallowing more air into the stomach also makes children vomit after feeding. In this case, parents only need to note the lying position of the baby after breastfeeding.

In addition, parents should note that vomiting after breastfeeding may also be due to parents placing the baby lying right after eating a full, wrapped or wrapped navel too tightly.

The phenomenon of children with reflux due to pathology

In some cases, when a newborn baby vomits after a feeding, this is because the body is having problems, most likely the baby is suffering from a medical condition. Parents closely monitor this situation to take your baby to the clinic in time.

More specifically, when a child vomits after too much breastfeeding, he or she may suspect some of the following conditions:

Intestinal pathology: diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, …

Respiratory diseases.

Birth defects gastrointestinal tract.

Gastrointestinal surgical diseases such as intestinal torsion, intussusception, ileus.

Nervous plant disorders that cause pyloric spasm.

Infectious pathologies such as meningitis, increased intracranial pressure

Adrenal genital syndrome, …

Is the infant vomiting phenomenon dangerous?

Many parents wonder if newborn vomiting after breastfeeding will affect their health? As analyzed above, if this situation does not happen often and there are no accompanying signs, parents can be assured. It is just a common physiological phenomenon in children.

However, if your baby often vomits after a feeding, the situation suddenly comes with some signs such as crying, bloating or convulsions, you should not be subjective and need to take your baby to see a doctor. early treatment. If the illness is left untreated for a long time, the baby’s health can be seriously affected.

How to deal with vomiting and vomiting after feeding

When parents see their baby vomiting after breast-feeding, surely parents are worried and anxious, so how should we handle this situation? The steps parents should perform are as follows:

As soon as the child vomits after feeding, tilt the baby’s head right to the side so that the child doesn’t choke on the vomit. Later on, the adult quickly cleans up the vomit in the child’s mouth, throat and nose (the front mouth, the back nose), by sucking or wrapping a gauze towel in his or her fingers to soak up the vomit in the child’s mouth and throat.

Cuddle gently on the back to calm the child, and help the child cough up the remaining vomit in the throat out.

Wipe the neck and the young with warm water, changing the cloths with vomit on them.

When the child has stopped vomiting, give warm water or ORS warm small spoonfuls. Breastfeed or bottle slowly. Help children sleep, do not use antiemetics without consulting your doctor.

Watch for signs of vomiting after the next pen

Remember: never give your baby medicines with antiemetic effects. If you do not know how to use it, your child may be affected.

Newborn Vomiting after Breastfeeding

Tips for treating vomiting after breastfeeding in newborns

No parent wants their baby to vomit after a regular feed, so he is always tired and doesn’t absorb many nutrients. To limit the infant’s vomiting after feeding, feed him slowly, well enough, and don’t force him / her to eat too much. When the baby has eaten, need to pat belching, put the baby lies after 20-30 minutes after sucking. Do not pick up and play with children when they have just finished eating.

Mother needs to gently massage around the navel to reduce stomach contractions, prevent vomiting. Deep and deep abdominal massage follows the path of the colon frame to increase peristalsis, increase fluid secretion, help the child to excrete feces daily, reduce bloating and vomiting. Besides, the mother needs to know the proper feeding position and how to properly attach the breast.

Ideally, we do not let the baby lie down, suckle milk, this position is easy to make the baby choke or vomit after feeding. After breastfeeding, do not let them lie down immediately. We can hold your baby for about 20-30 minutes!

Breastfeed your baby properly

When breastfeeding, because the amount of milk in the stomach is still very little when it starts to suckle. Let the baby feed on the left first, then transfer the baby to the right vote because the baby’s stomach is already full of milk. The baby needs to lie on his side left. With this feeding method, the milk will easily go down and store in your baby’s stomach without reflux. If your baby is bottle-fed, she should keep her nipple full with milk, avoiding the bottle lying on her side.

If the baby is crying while breastfeeding, the mother should stop immediately because if the baby breastfeeds at this time. The baby may swallow a lot, causing stomach distress, which can easily regress. Parents should also be careful not to make babies laugh because it is also easy to make them vomit after breastfeeding.

Besides, the mother should not breastfeed too much, the stomach will make it easier for the baby to vomit. Mother can divide into many meals and do not force the baby. Feeding or feeding meals should be 2 to 4 hours apart. If you’re training your baby to eat a new snack, moms should start with a small amount and then gradually increase to try the baby’s adaptation.

Loosen clothes

Wearing tight clothes or diapers, too tight diapers is also the reason that causes vomiting after feeding because the stomach wall and stomach are pinched, easy to repress. Therefore, mothers should let the baby wear as airy as possible and should loosen the area around the abdomen to feed or feed the baby.

Stay in the correct position after feeding or eating

When feeding or eating, your baby should be held high for 15-20 minutes and pat for burping, then lie on the left side on the pillow slightly high. Remember to pat your baby’s back until a loud burp sounds. This is a way to push air out of your stomach to avoid vomiting after a strong suckling.

Mom also remember never to feed or eat in a lying position. Instead, babies should be breastfed in a high head position. After babies eat or breastfeed, mothers should not lift and up babies, change their positions suddenly or make babies laugh.

Newborn Vomiting after Breastfeeding

Overcoming the cause of nutrition

If your baby vomits after a feeding due to a wrong diet, she needs to pay attention not to force her baby to eat because it will make her more scared and vomiting after feeding, be inspired to help her feel happy while eating. Mom should only feed your baby just enough, do not let him eat too full. Remember that when you put food into your baby’s mouth, you need to avoid leaving the spoon in the baby’s mouth for a long time as this will create a vomiting reflex. Pay attention when trying to introduce new foods to the baby. The mother needs to gradually train the baby to adapt and at the same time just give the baby a little to try to determine if it is the food that causes allergy and vomiting after suckling or not.


In general, parents should watch and do not be subjective when the newborn vomits after breastfeeding, especially in the case of children with strange signs, you should take your baby to see early. It may be a symptom of a pathology related to the digestive system. With the above tips, parents can apply to limit the baby’s vomiting after breast feeding.

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In the modern world, men and women are both obsessed with looking younger and better skin. It is necessary for people to take optimal care of the skin to have younger looking flawless skin. However, one should consider the importance of different face masks that come in handy for you.

We are here mentioning necessary details regarding the best anti aging face masks for getting the remarkable glow over your face. In addition, we are here also stating some easy to practice DIY face masks that are packed with different skin benefits. To know the comprehensive detail continue reading the article until the end.

Do Face Masks Help With Aging?

What are the aging issues?

Well, before we straight suggest you some of the best anti aging face masks first let us have a look into aging issues. Once you hit your late 20s or early 30s, then your skin starts getting wrinkles, fine lines and skin start becoming dead.

It is a result of a poor lifestyle that people fails to adopt at an early age. No one likes looking aged so men and women try different high-cost treatments that can help them in looking younger.

Although aging cannot be devoid as it is supernatural, you can surely control aging signs. Taking optimal care of skin with the application of quality skin products and maintaining the skincare regime can help with it. Going for face masks along with your beauty regime is helpful in correcting the aging signs as it acts as an anti- aging remedy over your skin.

Additionally, several dermatologists suggest going for face masks that provide your skin instant hydration and making it look younger and glowing.

Do Face Masks Help With Aging?

DIY anti-ageing face masks

Well, different cosmetic and skincare brands get introduced every day for dealing with different skin issues, and anti-aging is one of them. Nevertheless, going for organic and home remedies can deal with different skin issues better without shedding off larger bucks for these masks and skincare products.

Bentonite clay face mask

One of the optimal DIY masks is bentonite clay face mask that can be easily prepared from bentonite clay, rosehip oil and few spoons of water.  It is a simple face mask to practice and applying it twice in a week can do the working well for your skin. The face mask is helpful in treating your skin by repairing your damaged tissues and rejuvenating the skin. In this way, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles becomes minimal. Additionally, people with sensitive skin should go for this as it is helpful in fighting different infections affecting the skin.

Banana face mask

Banana is an enrichment fruit that is good to go with for making you feel fuller.  It is optimal for you to choose for the banana mask for your skin as well. It is helpful in brightening and tightening your skin. All you need for this is banana and rose water for a banana face mask that is good for your face providing you younger-looking skin and dealing with aged-looking skin. Vitamin E and A  present in the banana are helpful in healing your skin and making it glow. Application of this mask can be made accordingly depending on your convenience.

Coffee face mask

Another one we have a coffee face mask that is optimal for dealing with dead skin cells of the skin. It is much convenient for one who has dull skin due to stress and other issues as coffee is helpful in rejuvenating your skin optimally. Also, it is helpful for your soothing skin and exfoliating your skin well. It is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin to use this DIY exfoliation mask that doesn’t harm your skin at all.

Another benefit of it is that it can come in handy for every skin type also you wouldn’t require to larger bucks for it. One can practice to prepare it from the residue of the espresso that you had in the morning and mix that well with two tablespoons of coconut oil once you have prepared it to let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes for glowing skin. The anti-aging benefits of coffee and coconut oil are helpful in shedding off dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Well, the listing of DIY best anti-ageing face masks is prolonged to mention here. We have picked top recommendations for you that can assist you in attaining the glowing skin without much hassle. All of these face masks are good to go with every skin type and are natural, so you aren’t required to bother about any for side effects caused due to it.

Bonus tip

Although you have taken deep insight into the aspect of anti aging face masks for attaining glowing skin. Here is a bonus tip for you to grab younger-looking skin is that you must follow up for products precisely selecting one for you. You can also consider using face sheets that can provide you with optimal benefits for having better glowing skin. It would be convenient for you to go for these face masks during night time for attaining all the benefits of it. Getting it done during the night and then hitting the bed helps the ingredients work better overnight.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can easily conclude to the aspect that everyone has a desire of getting glowing younger-looking skin. However, due to different factors, it isn’t possible for one to acquire that flawless skin. Additionally, if you follow to have the optimal skincare regime that is optimal for correcting your skin from different skin issues, then it would be much convenient for one to attain younger-looking skin. It is essential to treat their skin optimally and hydrate it well, and the best anti aging face masks can surely come in handy for it. Face sheets or masks are ideal options to hydrate the skin well and clear it within the deeper layer of skin.

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A woman has to be very careful at the time of pregnancy as they are carrying their baby. If a woman is pregnant she has to be conscious in each and everything they do even if it is small. That includes the hair wash when they are about to wash their hair they might be using shampoos. Some women may get questions among them what shampoo can I use while pregnant? Some get a question like Can I use shampoo? The answer is, yes you can use shampoo when you are pregnant. It’s all matter when you choose the shampoo for washing your hair.

What Shampoo Can I Use While Pregnant?

Know how to choose and use the shampoo

When you’re a pregnant woman then there is a chance of hair fall for you. This is because the change of hormones in your body, the changing of hormones is normal for a pregnant woman. To stop the hair fall you have to go with the right choice of shampoo. There are some shampoos available in the market that specially made for pregnant women. While choosing a shampoo to make sure you are aware of the ingredients used in it. If it is used with chemicals we are strictly recommending not to go with those products. It is always better for the shampoos that contain completely natural ingredients. Sometimes you might be looking forward to using the conditioner, in such cases just apply the conditioner at the end of your hair. Just avoid while applying it in the root of it.

Some of the best picks for a pregnant woman

If you are about to buy a pregnancy shampoo and confused about which one to choose we have come up with the best Shampoo for Pregnancy. Some of the shampoos are as follows.

Paul Mitchell Original Shampoo One

This shampoo is from the Paul Mitchell Company which is good when you wash your hair. Even if you use every day, the color won’t be faded if you have colored your hair. If you are expecting a shampoo with fragrance then this will be a good choice. The fragrance is in mild condition only. If you do not like fragrance then you can go with some other options. The formula used in it is free of parabens.

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk

The Klorane’s Oat Milk shampoo is completely free of silicones, sulfates, and parabens. This shampoo has come up with pleasing foam with a mild scent. Not only a pregnant woman it can be used by the family members too. If you are facing sensitive scalps in your head then you can prefer this shampoo as it contains oat milk that calms the sensitive scalps. To get rid of the tangles you can prefer this shampoo.

Majestic Pure Hair Loss Shampoo

The gentle formula used in it helps the user to nourish their hair follicles. It is completely filled with the natural and also herbal nourishment. The botanical extracts help in promotes the health of their hair. The natural ingredients used in this shampoo are niacin and biotin. The ingredients used in it are complete with good quality products. So there is no need for worrying about this quality. Not only this shampoo helps in stops the hair fall and also starts increase the volume of hair. Only the complaint raised by the users is the shampoo is runny and water-like consistency.

Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo

With the name itself you can decide this is an organic shampoo. The gentle formula used in it helps the hair to stop falling. Once if you start using it you are going to fall in love with it. Even if you have sensitive skin it helps you to overcome the problem. The natural ingredients used in this are extracted seed and leaf extract from a type of plant. When you use the shampoo helps in moisturizing your scalp and also strengthens the hair. Many people love to use this because they have used completely hygiene ingredients with high standards. The scent used in it is by the herbals used in this shampoo. It won’t be in an unpleasant way

Klorane Shampoo with Peony

If you are looking forward to buying an alternative dandruff shampoo then this will be the best option for it. This shampoo comes up with a fragrance of floral. It is also completely free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens. If you have colored your hair, do not worry as this shampoo won’t spoil the color. It helps you to get rid of scalp problems even if you have sensitive scalps.

Joico Curl Cleansing Shampoo

The shampoo name only curl does not think this helps in recovering from curls. The shampoo helps in protecting the hair. Even if you treated your hair with color, do not worry as it will not spoil your hair color. There are no sulfates used in it but the foam produces are more while washing your hair.

Big Green Pregnancy Shampoo

The name itself defines it is a natural product. This shampoo made from exotic fruit extracts and also with botanical oils. When you use it, it moisturizes your hair deeply and helps to get rid of scalp problems. The advantage of choosing branded companies is they used only the quality stuff. Similar to that this company uses only the quality products. So you can believe that you are using a good quality product. It is completely free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, silicones and phenoxyethanol. There is no fragrance used in it. If you are looking for a fragrance containing shampoo better go for some other choice. But before choosing the others, remember this is completely free of chemicals and made of natural products. Because of it there will be no problem for the baby inside you.

Consult an expert and use the shampoo

When you use best shampoo for pregnancy, then there will be no problem for the baby growing inside of you. The hair fall is maybe because of hormone change, this can be rectified with shampoos specially made for a pregnant woman. If you still doubt about this just go and consult a doctor. Then choose the pregnancy shampoo which can suit you and which cannot be used.

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If you are worried about your large pore that gets bigger, then you just need to reach the best toner that meant especially for the large pores. Getting the large pores over the face is the condition that cannot be easily rushed out. Also, there are many types of artificial cosmetics that you use and get the big pores all of a sudden. Not only has a single reasoned, there are many things that cause big pores to your skin that not give you peace of mind. To tackle the dry skin and the large pores, look to the deep method is also the best way for positive results.

For the whole, you just need to find the solution those results not only for the large pores but also for the oily skin. So, if you directly look for the best toner for oily skin and large pores, then you can easily get the good results for your clear skin. Enter towards the best not only helps you to rebalance the skin but also allows you to leave its growing. To narrow down your search for the best product to your ski, you can consult the professional skincare that guides you through using the product according to your skin type.

Why Did My Pores Get Bigger All of a Sudden


Cause of big pores and its solutions

There are so many most common reasons to get big pores. Due to oily skin, you will have the enlarged pores, and that also causes damage to your skin. Also, the natural aging process causes the skin loses, which can make pore to the face skin and looks bigger. In addition to this, due to sun damage, gender, and the genetic disorder, one can face a problem with big pores.

But you don’t need to worry about it. As I told you earlier, the only solution, you need to look for it’s the best toner for oily skin and large pores. This will treat your skin in a much better way and helps to make the skin tighten. In order to get good results with the product using, you need to take proper care of the skin as recommended by the expert.

What are the Benefits of using a toner?

Now toners have become popular for the best results that meant for ideal skincare. It is commonly used to clean the skin, removes oil, and reduces the size of the pores. Also, god for removing makeup or other cosmetics helps in skin balancing and providing complete care for the skin. Especially they result best for the acne skin and give the glowing and clear skin. One of the main benefits of using the skin toner is that you can get the long-lasting results for your best skincare and the clear skin.

It is the product that packed with extra skin care benefits and allows you to have healthy skin for the long term effects. With the cleansing effects of the face toner you can have the best face care that provides you the shining as well as the glowing effect to the healthy living. Along with it, if you need to make the high level look after using any of the cosmetics then making the use of the best toner for oily skin and large pores is the only great option for it.

Also, to make the use of any of the products, if you know its causes or the reasons for happenings, then you can easily find better treatment for it. As mentioned above, you can know for all the major causes of the large pores and the oily skin as the way to reach to the working solution for all types of the ailment. In addition to this, toner helps you to get clean, clear, and healthy skin that last long forever. For the whole, you just need to know it’s the right way of applying and better use it as consulted by the experts.

Why Did My Pores Get Bigger All of a Sudden

Know more about facial toner!

Facial toner is considered as one of the best solution or the product that you can use to get effective results for the large pores. It is the one that especially use to complete the cleansing routine and also helps to remove the unwanted material from the skin. After using any of the cosmetics if you apply the skin toner, then you can easily follow the way to get the clear and clean skin. This also makes your skin shining by removing the final traces of the dust, dirt, make up and the pollution. It is the step that you feel regret if skipping and this is the only reason why one can get big pores all of a sudden.

Specific ingredients on a toner

The key to use the skin toner is the main part to identify the skin type and even to its main needs that makes the skin healthy. To apply the skin toner to the skin, you need to first look for the ingredients like the vitamin C, E and also the presence of acids that results to the good care of the skin. Also, when using the skin toner, the main thing is to make clear that it cannot be dry and helps to hydrate the skin when removing the cosmetics.

In addition, if you have the sensitive skin type then you need to look for the ingredients like aloe Vera, which helps to reduce the inflammation. For the better results and to make the better use of the skin toner you only have to first make it clear for its best ingredient.

The final verdict!

Thus, after reading the whole content you can make it clear that how you can easily treat you big pores with the good use of the face toner. This complete process helps you to achieve the clean and clear face that makes its looks healthy and bright as well. It is the good solution that results into the long lasting effects.

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I Think I Have the Flu! Achoo!

Winter means crisp white snow, Christmas celebrations, and the dreaded flu season for most households. A friend comes down with an unidentified sickness and gets shunned for 10-14 days to avoid contaminating others with hushed whispers of “I think it’s the flu” floating from person to person. Common complaints are, “’I don’t have time to be sick with the flu!’,  ‘You don’t have to share everything’, and ‘I would rather die than get the flu again.’”

The truth is that many illnesses are mistakenly labeled as the flu. The influenza virus can be a serious illness and knowing the symptoms of the flu can help you determine when you should seek medical care, or when you can crawl into bed and wait it out.


  • Fever greater than 101 degree Fahrenheit
  • Headache
  • Body aches/ joint pain
  • Weakness
  • Excessive fatigue/ tiredness
  • Sore throat
  • Dry, non-productive cough
  • Watery nasal drainage
  • Watery, red eyes

Additional symptoms may include paleness, flushed face, sinus pressure, and earache (ear infections are common complications following the flu).  Notice the lack of gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea)? Gastrointestinal symptoms may rarely occur in children or elderly persons with flu, and in those with the H1N1 virus, but they are not normally caused by the influenza virus. Gastrointestinal symptoms are usually a sign of food poisoning.


Food poisoning occurs when you ingest foods that are contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or parasites. In an attempt to rid your body of these foreign substances, you might experience nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Despite what the media and advertisers would like you to believe, food poisoning is a very common occurrence and can come from take-out food, restaurant meals, and foods prepared at home.  Prevention includes hand washing and proper food handing, cooking, and preparation practices.

Gastroenteritis is an irritation of the gastrointestinal tract caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites (not transmitted through food). The symptoms are the same as in food poisoning, as is the treatment. Prevention includes good hand washing and infection control practices to stop the spread of the disease.

Most food poisoning symptoms subside after 24-72 hours, once the toxic substances are out of your body. Treatment usually includes replacing lost fluids, forcing fluids to treat dehydration, and medication like Tylenol or Advil to treat discomfort. Most doctors will tell you to allow the illness to run its course since the body will rid itself of the toxins and return to a normal state of operations without intervention as long as you stay hydrated. However, if symptoms persist for longer than 48-72 hours, or if you are having intense symptoms or are having trouble keeping down clear fluids, you should seek medical treatment right away.

Cold, Flu, or Sinus Infection?


Colds do not normally produce a fever or body aches, but can produce al other flu-like symptoms. A sinus infection however, can produce flu-like symptoms including a fever. The determining factor is usually if your nasal drainage is clear, yellow, or green. Yellow or green mucous indicates infection and points to a sinus infection. The flu (uncomplicated) only produces clear nasal drainage. However, one of the complications of the flu can be a sinus infection. Seek medical evaluation if your fever goes away then returns a few days later or if you have discolored nasal drainage or severe symptoms.


Flu symptoms usually last for five to seven days, with symptoms occurring within four days of exposure to the virus. If you seek medical treatment within the first 48 hours of the start of your symptoms, your doctor can prescribe an anti-viral medication can that lessen your symptoms and shorten the length of your suffering. Otherwise, treatment involves staying hydrated, resting, and treating your symptoms with Tylenol, Advil, antihistamines, and over the counter drugs like Nyquil to make you more comfortable.

The general rule of thumb for treating any sickness is “when in doubt, check it out”. If you think you need to see a doctor, follow your instincts and make the appointment.  Only a doctor can determine for sure if your symptoms are abnormal and require medical treatment and only you can gauge how bad you’re feeling and he severity of your symptoms.

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Character Versus Competence: Who Wins?

How do you screen potential talent during the hiring process? Do you choose second interviews based on intuition, personal preferences, or impressive resumes? Should you be evaluating potential talent based on their personal character?

The dictionary defines competence as: the quality of being competent; adequacy; possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity and character as: qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity; good repute. Competence can be learned through education and work experience; character must be earned through life experience.

Dr. Tim Irwin, consultant to SunTrust Banks, Chick-fil-A, Bank of America, Corning, Inc, IBM, Gerber Products Company, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, and Turner Broadcasting Systems, recently proclaimed that character always trumps competence in organizations. Dr. Irwin specializes in organizational effectiveness, talent management and leadership development and recently authored Derailed: Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership.

When highly visible leaders fail, Dr. Irwin claims that we should take note of their fall and learn from their mistakes. “At the end of the day, you have to be competent, but character still trumps competence and the failure of it why people derail,” says Irwin. He goes n to explain that while competence is important, trust is the glue that holds an organization together. Without sterling character, trust is impossible to achieve and maintain.

In traditional hiring practices, potential employees are screened by how impressive their competence appears on a resume. If Dr. Irwin’s concept holds water in the corporate world, perhaps employers will begin to adjust the hiring process to make an initial selection of candidates based on competence, then further reduce the candidate pool through a process that digs deep enough to reveal the character of potential employees. Could this two-step process help strengthen companies from the interior by ferreting out the most qualified and trustworthy employees to build a potential corporate dream team that has the skills and the cohesiveness to accomplish industry-changing goals?

Does it really boil down to character and not merely competence in the corporate world? The difference could be described as the difference between book smarts and common sense. While formal knowledge is very valuable, it takes character to apply that knowledge effectively in the corporate world.

Questions to Ask within your Organization

  • How important is evaluating character in new talent within your organization?
  • If you reflect on the actions and reputation of the key people in your organization, how would you rate their personal character?
  • In your particular industry, how important are characteristics such as honesty, integrity, and courage?
  • What would happen if you put together a team of talented people with exceptional character and placed them in charge of brainstorming out-of-the-box ideas and implementing them?

Competence is a vital part of any team, but character could be the make-or-break trait that determines if your corporation will derail or journey on toward new levels of success.

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6 Simple Ways to Negotiate the High Cost of Health Care

With hospitals benefiting from a markup of 40 – 50% on services, and many patients not paying at all due to the rising cost of health care, there is plenty of room for negotiation when you find yourself facing a too-high medical bill. With so many outstanding balances carrying over month after month, most hospitals are simply looking to break even with their patients. If you’re looking for ways to strike a compromise regarding your medical bills, take a look at six simple ways to negotiate the high cost of health care.

1. One of the easiest ways to make sure you get the lowest bill possible when submitting to a hospital procedure is to “shop” around for the lowest ICD or CPT code, otherwise known as  billing codes or diagnosis codes. They are universal throughout hospitals and insurance companies worldwide. Before going for a procedure, ask your referring physician what the ICD, CPT, or billing code for the procedure will be and call around to local hospitals and find out who has the cheapest rate for the procedure.

2. Don’t be afraid to question your doctor, making sure to ask if the “recommended” procedure is indeed necessary. Often times your doctor will recommend a hospital stay or repeat blood work that may not be necessary, and can save you money by skipping it altogether. Simply asking the question could save you money that you didn’t need to spend.

3. The Health Care Price Transparency Act of 2006 requires hospitals to report information to the public on specific inpatient and outpatient procedures. According to the American Hospital Association 33 states require hospitals to report pricing and 10 more do so voluntarily. It would be good practice to look at a hospitals website to see if they report that information, or by simply calling the hospital to find the information out before checking into the hospital could save you hundreds of dollars.

4. Checking your insurance company’s website can be very useful. Many companies are putting the out of pocket price online for potential policy holders to consider. Though the price listed will likely be the hospital’s highest list price, it could still help you in negotiating or simply knowing what you will need to pay. It is also important to know what your insurance will cover for a said procedure. Your insurance company will negotiate with the hospital for a lower price concerning the procedure for you. Knowing what your insurance will or will not cover can save you money as well. If you know ahead of time that your insurance will not be covering a procedure, often times you can negotiate a lower out of pocket price with the hospital for being a cash paying patient.

5. If you have don’t have health insurance, ask for the hospital’s Medicare rates. This will get you the “cash” price and often times you can negotiate a lower price if you will be paying for the procedure upfront. Most hospitals will reward for paying upfront by lowering the price significantly as this saves them from creating and sending out multiple bills and eventually turning your case over to a collect agency if you don’t pay.

6. After negotiating a lower cost for your procedure and shopping around, be sure to be keenly aware of the cost of incidentals. If there are any toiletries that are not included in your hospital room be sure to bring your own. The hospital charges dearly for that miniature deodorant and that chintzy toothbrush, and bringing your own from home can save you money. Also, ask about bringing your own prescription medications to avoid being charged by the hospital pharmacy for medications that you already have available and have paid for.

Taking these steps to ensure you get the lowest price possible for your health care may seem tedious at times, but the money you save will be well worth the effort. Paying attention to your health care costs will eliminate any surprises that might arrive in your mailbox after the hospital stay or procedure. With the constant rise of health care and health insurance premiums, it is necessary act as your own advocate for your health care costs.

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Blue September is about research. It’s about awareness. But most of all, it’s about protecting the people we love. Prostate cancer claims the lives of 27,000 men each year: our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and sons. Still, there is reason to be hopeful. Unlike many variants of the disease, prostate cancer is manageable, preventable, and treatable. All this month, Blue September is leading the fight against prostate cancer by raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) and by promoting awareness nationwide. If we can change attitudes and beliefs toward the disease, then we can save lives.

If you want to help, why not get involved? Not only can you volunteer and donate, but if you live in the greater California area, you can lend a hand simply by enjoying some first-rate football! The Oakland Raiders have teamed up with Blue September, with proceeds from their season opener against the St. Louis Rams going directly to the cause. You can participate by buying specially marked tickets here using the Special Code PCRI10 to redeem your tickets. Helping has never been as easy, or as much fun!

Through the Oakland Raiders benefit and other fundraisers, Blue September hopes to earn money for life-saving research and the best defense of all: a better informed public. Prevention is our most powerful weapon, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is the first step. Remember to encourage your friends loved ones to get checked, as early detection is an essential step that can, and does, save lives.

Remember: knowledge is contagious. If you tell a friend, and they tell a friend, Blue September’s message of health and insight will catch. Preventative measures are effective, but only if men are informed and willing to make the lifestyle changes that keep them healthy. Show your support by getting blue, and face up to prostate cancer. Together we can beat this.

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6 Ways To Feel Happy (Even When You Aren’t)

Feeling happy even when you aren’t, requires a lot of self motivation, self discipline, and consistency.

By taking steps to feel genuinely happy, you will find peace during difficult times and lead a life with less stress. Happiness is a decision that requires internal motivation, but the effort to maintain a happy state will lead you to a fuller and more productive life.

Here are 6 ways to feel happy even when you aren’t

1. Exercise. Make sure your body receives 30 minutes of cardio, 3-5 times a week. Working out releases endorphins that changes your body and state of mind, helping you to focus on the day’s tasks.

2. Spiritual Growth. Managing stress and sadness by choosing the best attitude possible will enforce an awareness of spiritual maturity. When we maintain the clarity of a new insight, possibility and positive change are gained. A spiritual connection promotes inner peace and gives you solace when consistently practiced.

3. Freedom to Express. Expressing feelings through writing, speaking, drawing or other forms of communication broadens your reach to the world. Communicating warmth and words to people around you is a great connector and promotes a sense of inner peace.

4. Count Your Blessings. Taking time to reflect on the good things in your life is a priority, especially on days when you feel like you have to dig deep to find them. Make a list of things you feel grateful for, then take time to write to a friend or compliment people in your environment. These small acts of kindness can create a mental shift that establishes an inner state of happiness and affects everyone in your reach.

5. Work Hard and Play Hard. Nurturing laughter and working hard on your life’s goals will create personal satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and a reason to celebrate the many mountains you climb. Look at life, set a goal, get what you want and smile while you are doing it.

6. Be a Lifelong Learner. Exercising the brain is always enriching. By taking time to learn new things, you will boost your self confidence, stimulate your thought processes and give yourself an edge over the majority of the world.

Feeling happy even when you aren’t requires a lot of positive self talk, list making, motivation, and discipline. Remember it is far easier to fall into the black hole of doom and gloom than it is to work the muscle that makes you reach higher for the next rung on the ladder. But when you do the pay off is huge and so is your level of happiness.

Being happy is first a decision, then a habit.

Feeling sad can feel like forever. When you are blue, feeling down, or just sad for a couple of hours or days, then you are normal. But if you are feeling a more intense that lasts longer than a couple of days, you are spiraling downward toward a place where you will never be happy.

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Organize Your Day in Five Minutes – Here’s HowThe reality about large or daunting tasks is that they take time and it is often difficult to visualize the reward. Yet, by chunking your day into bite sized bits, you will give yourself a sense of control.

Define your relationship with time and how you want to improve your effectiveness by doing these five things.

1.  Make a List. Recording tasks on a daily list and prioritizing what needs to be accomplished offers an instant inventory of to-do’s. When a task is accomplished, check it off or cross it off the list. The traditional method of doing this with pen and paper is tangible and liberating with every neat line. There are digital tools that allow you to do the same thing.

2.  Prepare the Night Before. Start your list before going to bed. This will give you an inventory of what must be done and give space to the brain to rest at night. Making a quick inventory of next day needs will give you a road map for the day. Wake up to a list that will give you instant clarity.

3.  Delegating. Assigning another person responsibility for specific tasks can save time and money. This shift in decision making can build skills, capitalize on the strengths of another, and motivate others toward a common cause. Providing feedback, direction and establishing expectations can increase accountability and performance.

4.  Grouping Similar Tasks. One of the best ways to get through your list of to-do’s is by grouping similar tasks and then prioritizing. Keeping activities organized by priority and proximity can keep your energy moving in the right direction, add levity to your life, and help you to accomplish all the activities of a well lived day.

5.  Ban Diversions and Distractions. Set a timer and stay focused for a given period of time. Keep in mind the average attention span is 10-12 minutes before your mind will wander. Managing your time and attention requires discipline, but will have a positive effect on your productivity. Give yourself a break and dangle a carrot at the end of the list of your to-do’s. Setting a personal reward system maintains incentive and encourages accomplishment.

Make a schedule, eliminate interruptions and plan your work day and down time so you have balance between work and play. Remember to assign a time limit for each task so you have control over your schedule and time.

Drawing a map of your daily tasks will eliminate the feeling of overwhelm and help you feel productive. Start today and develop a positive relationship with time.

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