About Us: The HealthCompareGuide

The HealthCompareGuide is an interactive, comprehensive lifestyle tool designed to help you “live like you mean it.”

Updated Monday through Friday, HealthCompare Guide was created to help you live life better. The four initial HealthCompareGuide categories are:

  • Time Tools, Making the most of your money
  • Body Basics, Food for thought
  • Simply Happy, Don’t worry, be happy
  • Dollars & Sense, Focusing on money matters

Be sure to check-in frequently as we guide you with the latest information that will help you balance your life, focus on what is important and make decisions that affect the most important aspects of your life, your health and your wealth.

HealthCompareGuide was born through years of listening to customers’ stories, concerns and ever changing needs. Buying health insurance can be a confusing and daunting task. With all the rules, regulations and legalese, consumers are often wary of their choices for health care and not aware of a problem with their coverage until it is too late.

Those who make the best decisions for themselves and their families are those who are empowered. HealthCompareGuide aims to do just that.

The HealthCompareGuide is a FREE, valuable resource designed to help visitors and HealthCompare members design days that are most worth living, remembering, and protecting at all costs.

The HealthCompareGuide publishes fresh content throughout the week, exploring topics such as time and money management, general health and fitness, and inner happiness.

The HealthCompareGuide is there to help you live life like you mean it, while protecting it from the unexpected.

In partnership withOne Act, a non-profit organization created to connect people with needs, similar to a giving tree during the holidays, HealthCompare Guide focuses on helping you, assisting people in need throughout your community and giving back.

To truly understand the HealthCompareGuide, it is best to start with HealthCompare and its founders. It was the original vision of The Word & Brown Companies to take technology that was available to brokers and carriers and offer it to individuals in need of more affordable health insurance options.

This technology allows individuals to search and compare and apply for health care plans in the privacy of their homes.

At HealthCompare, Consumers Always Come First